• ErgoMounts Expand Infinity Digital Signage Range

    ErgoMounts are very excited to announce a new range of off the shelf solutions coming to the Infinity Video Wall Series. With the help of their new free standing floor base the modular components of the range can now be used to create small scale floor stands for single screen setups.

    Shane Dunn (Head of Marketing) has said, “Our Infinity Range has already proven itself extremely popular amongst AV installers and end users alike. It only seemed natural given how versatile this range was to scale it down to hold just one or two screens for consumers that were looking for something smaller than a large scale video wall.

    The Infinity TV Floor Stand can support both VESA & Non-VESA compliant screens with interfaces up to 600mm x 400mm and weighing up to 70Kgs. Manufactured out of light-weight Aluminium components this stand can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

    Shane continues, “One of the key benefits of the Infinity is its modular design. If at a later date the setup needs to be expanded to take more or larger screens you can purchase additional components to add to your current stand rather than having to purchase an entirely new product.

    A heavy duty steel base eliminates the need to bolt to the floor and adjustable leveling feet are included to support the stand over uneven surfaces. Integrated cable management allows you to hide all the necessary cabling giving the mount the high end and tidy finish users of the series have come to expect.

    Visit the ErgoMounts website for more information on the Infinity TV Floor Stand or contact their team of mounting experts on 01252 333 326.

  • Easter Office Closures 2018

    We would like to take this opportunity to remind our customers, suppliers and partners of all the upcoming office closures through the months of March, April and May.

    Easter Weekend (30/03/2018 | 03/04/2018)

    May Day Bank Holiday (7/05/2018)

    Spring Bank Holiday (28/05/2018)

    During these periods both our offices and manufacturing will be closed completely. No emails or calls will be answered until we return. Please also note that some replies will take a little longer than usual during these times while we catch up.

  • Christmas Shutdown 2017

    Christmas Header 2018

    All of us here at ErgoMounts would like to wish our customers, partners and suppliers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It has been a pleasure working with you all in 2017 and we look forward to working with you again in the New Year.


    ErgoMounts Christmas Shutdown Begins:

    Friday 22nd December 2017 (16:00PM)

    ErgoMounts Office & Factory Re-open:

    Tuesday 2nd January 2018  (9:00AM)


    Our offices will also be closing for a few hours while ErgoMounts staff attend their annual Christmas meal. This will be from 12PM for a few hours on Wednesday 20th December 2017. Please ensure that any orders to be dispatched that day for delivery on the 21st are placed as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

    Please note: Our staff will have no access to emails over the Christmas shutdown and we are likely to be very busy catching up over the first weeks of 2018. If you have an urgent requirement for the new year we recommenced you contact your ErgoMounts representative as soon as possible to minimise the impact of the Christmas period.

  • Introducing the LUS Laptop Mount

    LUS Laptop Mount Launch

    • • Medical Grade Laptop Mount
    • • Slide Out Mouse Tray (Can be used on the Left or Right)
    • • Fits Most Laptops & Notebooks
    • • Includes Tilt, Swivel & Reach Adjustment
    • • Good Alternative to Sit-Stand Desks


    ErgoMounts are very excited to introduce a brand new product to our already extensive range of ICW medical grade mounting solutions. The LUS Laptop Mount combines the high quality construction and ergonomic design of our existing LTU range but now also includes a slide out mouse tray.

    The mouse platform can be pulled out and used on either the left or right hand side of the laptop without the need of tools or technical ability . We worked closely with our partners over at ICWUSA to develop this new product with the aim of making laptop working feel as natural on a ward or production line as using a standard monitor & keyboard. The LUS tray has been developed to work with most of our medical grade mounting solutions including our Ultra 180 series. By installing the LUS Laptop Tray to the end of one of our gas assisted arms you can create an effective alternative to a sit-stand desk or workstation.

    The LUS Laptop Tray also includes the ergonomic grab handle that was added to the LTU Laptop Range after it's major design change earlier this year.

    We have also created standard versions of the LUS for several different mounting scenarios. Details on these products can be found at the links below.

    LUS Laptop & Mouse Tray Desk Mount

    LUS Laptop & Mouse Tray Wall Mount

    LUS Laptop & Mouse Tray Wall Track Mount

    LUS Laptop & Mouse Tray Pole Mount

    LUS Technical Specifications:

    Max Weight Capacity: 20Kg (45lbs)
    Arm Reach: Compact (463.55mm), Extended (743.55mm), Long Reach (1023.55mm)
    Colours: Medical White, Light Grey, Black
    Laptop Tray Size: 416.1mm Wide x 304.8mm Deep
    Pull-out Mouse Tray Size: 190.5mm Wide x 304.8mm Deep

  • ErgoMounts Launch VESA Wall Mount for Small Form Factor PC’s


    ErgoMounts are excited to launch a brand new mounting solution for small form factor PC’s and ITX Cases; ideal for digital signage, healthcare and home or office environments. The EMFX100-CPU enables you to mount VESA compliant CPU’s just 16mm from the wall or suitable vertical surface.

    For years the most common requirement has been for smaller PC’s to be mounted behind monitors on desks. However, with the recent surge in requirements for digital signage, installers have been looking for new and innovative ways to mount mini PC & ITX Systems out of site. The EMFX100-CPU does exactly that. Not only is it cost effective, but it can be installed in literally seconds.

    Shane Dunn (Head of Marketing) has said, “This new product is an incredibly simple but effective solution.  It’s already proven popular amongst our customers especially amongst those looking to add something unique to their digital signage installations. It gives AV installers the freedom to easily hide the backstage elements of digital signage out of sight proving a truly clean looking installation.

    These mounts can be combined with our Infinity Modular Video Wall which fits almost any number of screens of any size. The Infinity can be mounted to the wall, ceiling, floor or even a mobile trolley. This range has already proven itself to be incredibly popular and is already being used by the likes of Gatwick Airport, West Yorkshire Police Constabulary and Norwich University to name a few.

    The EMFX100-CPU is compatible with any small form factor PC with VESA 75x75 or VESA 100x100 compliant mounting holes on the case. This includes the Traval range of Mini-ITX Cases.

    To find out more about the ErgoMounts EMFX100-CPU visit,  or contact our mounting experts on 01252 333 326.

  • ErgoMounts Expand Distribution Network with Computacenter


    ErgoMounts have today announced that they are expanding their distribution network by welcoming global leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, Computacenter to its already large portfolio of partnered resellers. Computacenter will be supplying the full range of ErgoMounts products to their customers around the globe.

    Paul Riddell (ErgoMounts Sales Manager) has said, “We are very excited to welcome on board a well-established re-seller in the AV & IT industry. Having our products distributed through the likes Computacenter provides a wealth of additional international coverage for our range of mounting solutions and also gives customers greater flexibility when looking to order any of our products.”

    The talented sales & support teams of Computacenter are on hand to assist customers in finding the solutions that are right for them.

    Paul continues, “Computacenter have locations in 13 countries across 3 continents and never before have we been able to offer such easy access to our products in so many different areas.”

    Computacenter now joins several other well established AV distributors in the ErgoMounts Reseller Partnership such as SCC, Storm Technologies and Softcat. The ErgoMounts Reseller Partnership allows suppliers additional access to sales team training, marketing materials and discounts.


  • ErgoMounts Launch Their First Under Cabinet Mount In Almost 10 Years

    ErgoMounts are excited to announce the launch of a brand new medical grade monitor arm ideal for both the AV and healthcare market. ErgoMounts teamed up with long time manufacturing partner, ICWUSA to design and produce their first under cabinet mount in almost a decade, The Ultra 180 Under Cabinet Mount.

    AV technology has become a crucial part of most modern working environments but space has become more limited than ever. Our customers have called out for a new under cabinet solution so we looked to our range of current arms that we thought might be suitable for the project. Our existing Ultra 180 was the natural choice as it always has been one of our most popular ICW products and provides a range of reach and adjustment options.” Ben Davies, Managing Director

    Not only does this mount offer a huge 711mm (28’’) of reach from the join to the VESA interface it also glides horizontally anywhere along the 700mm under cabinet track. The patented Ultra 180 arm can provide up to 180° of vertical rotation and up to 270° of horizontal rotation. The unique VESA Ball Joint provides the monitor with 6 way tilt, pan and rotation allowing the screen to be positioned almost anywhere within a 3D space.

    When not in use the entire monitor arm can be folded back underneath the cabinet saving further space.

    The Ultra 180 Under Cabinet Mount is manufactured to order by ICWUSA in Oregon, United States before being hand assembled by our team of skilled technicians at the ErgoMounts Headquarters in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

    The find out more visit, or call the ErgoMounts Sales Team on 01252 333326.

  • Is Sitting Really As Bad For You As Smoking?

    A new study from the America Heart Association Advisory has warned that sitting for more than a couple of hours a day could lead to cancer, heart disease and even type 2 diabetes. Much like the effects of smoking these outcomes are apparently not reversible; Even if you get regular exercise and eat healthy. Does this mean that sitting has very quickly become the "new" smoking?

    According to Dr James Levine of the Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative the answer is yes. Speaking recently to The Los Angeles Times he has said, “Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting. We are sitting ourselves to death.”

    But what can you or your employer do to help prevent a sitting epidemic. The most obvious answer would be simply to move more. But that’s not always practical in the busy office environment. That's why we’ve put together a list of 3 quick and easy changes you could make that will improve your health at work.

    Use the Stairs

    It sounds obvious but taking the stair instead of waiting for the lift provides all kinds of health benefits for your heart, brain  and muscular systems. Not to mention it can sometimes even be quicker.  According to the average adult male will burn an impressive 83 calories just climbing several flights of stairs.

    Sit Stand Workstation

    It’s understandle that employers don't want their employees wandering away from their desks for too long. Especially if their position is mainly computer based. But if you can't change the job role why not modify the workstation instead? A sit / stand computer workstation give users the choice to work whilst sitting at a desk or standing up. Something like the ErgoMounts Ultra 180 is an ideal product for this. It provides a wide range of movement and adjustment while still being more cost effective than your average sit/stand desk.

    Take Regular Breaks

    The America Heart Association Advisory discovered that the negative health effects became worse the longer the period of time a person spent sitting. That is why it is crucial that you take regular short breaks from your desk. Maybe go for a  walk around the office to try and break up periods of sitting as much as possible.

  • ErgoMounts Supply The Mummy Movie

    For almost 15 years ErgoMounts have supplied high quality computer mounting solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Some of the most exciting projects we have been lucky enough to work on have been for stage, television and film. We were originally approached about 5 years ago by a number of different production companies due to our location central to many London studios. Since then our reputation has led to our products being used by the likes of Industrial Light and Magic, Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures to name just a few.

    Today see’s the release of one of the latest productions we have worked on: The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Sofia Boutella. It's Universal’s attempt to kick start a new franchise of movies taking place in a shared “Dark Universe” based around the famous Universal Monster Movies of the 1930’s. Though safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient princess, whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.

    In the Spring of 2016 a production company in the early stages of shooting needed a range of different monitor mounts to help dress a laboratory set they were in the process of building in Oxford. We were contacted on a Friday and rehearsals were due to take place on the following Sunday with shooting scheduled for the day after. This realistically only gave us a few short hours to source the right solution. It was quickly decided that a member of the art department would come and visit our showroom and decide which solutions would work best. After seeing our mounts in the flesh and a few hours of discussion they were able to leave our warehouse with a van load of mounting arms.

    The crew were then so impressed with the solutions purchased they returned several times over the course of the next few weeks to pick up additional wall mounts and floor stands to be used on other sets and production offices.

    The Mummy has been released in cinemas today (9th June 2017) and was produced by Universal Pictures.

  • London City Airport To Open A Digital Control Tower

    London City Airport is set to become the first airport in the UK to operate a completely digital air traffic control tower. Working closely with one of our clients, NATS the new control tower will use 14 high definition cameras located at the top of a 50m pole. The images will then be sent via a secure super-fast fibre network to a new Operations Centre in Swanwick, Hampshire. From there air traffic controllers will perform their operational role using the live footage displayed on the video wall in front of them (similar to the ErgoMounts Infinity Series).

    Controllers will be able to utilise a range of viewing tools and have detailed views of activity on the airfield, including aircraft movements along the 1500m runway. The cameras can pan, tilt and zoom (magnifying images up to 30 times for close inspection).

    They will also have real-time information, including operational and sensory data, to build an augmented reality live view of the airfield. For example: weather information, on-screen labels, radar data and aircraft call signs.

    Declan Collier, CEO at London City Airport, said: “A pioneering new digital air traffic control system will enhance safety and improve resilience, setting a new standard for the global aviation industry to follow. With London City Airport’s plans to grow and an existing tower which is reaching the end of its operational lifespan, this cutting edge proven technology future-proofs London City Airport’s air traffic control for the next 30 years and beyond.”

    Mike Stoller, Director, Airports at NATS, said, “Digital towers are going to transform the way air traffic services are provided at airports by providing real safety, operational and efficiency benefits, and we are delighted that London City Airport has chosen to work with us to deliver what will be the first of its kind in the UK.”

    The new digital air traffic control tower is planned to be fully operational at London City Airport by 2019 as part of their 30th Anniversary Renovations.

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