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  • ErgoMounts Launch The Last AV Mount You'll Ever Need

    ErgoMounts are excited to launch their new Infinity range, the ultimate modular solution to modern AV requirements. One thing setting it apart from similar products on the market is that it can easily be transformed into a wall, ceiling, or floor stand in a matter of minutes.

    After teasing the product at a number of shows in 2015 the Infinity range is now available to order directly from ErgoMounts. The system consists of a few lightweight but strong aluminium components that can be configured in a range of different styles and will natively support most monitors.

    Shane Dunn (Head of Marketing) has said, “Introducing the Infinity to our catalogue of products was a no-brainer. We already provide an extensive range of top end medical mounting solutions and we wanted a product that could meet the AV demands of modern corporate environments.”

    Infinity specialists are on hand to assist customers in building a product that does exactly what they are looking for without the need to alter the original parts in anyway.

    Shane continues, “One of the best ways to imagine the system is like a set of building blocks, there are a few different components that slot together to create the product you need. All the pieces are compatible and you no longer need to bodge two very different parts together to achieve the required solution.”

    For those not looking for a custom solution ErgoMounts has created a few off the shelf solutions which fall into 4 main categories: Motion (mobile trolleys), Secure (floor stands), Rail (wall mounts) and Sky (ceiling mounts).

    To see the Infinity range of products for yourself visit, or contact our Infinity experts on 01252 333 326.

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