• ErgoMounts Infinity Video Wall Celebrates its 1st Birthday

    It’s been a year since we announced the launch of our modular video wall system, Infinity. We wanted to use this opportunity to discuss some of the improvements the product has seen over the past 12 months and also showcase some examples of the Infinity in action .


    Pop Out Interfaces

    Infinity Video Wall Pop Out Arms

    One major improvement we have seen since launch is the addition of “Pop-Out” monitor fixings. Although the original system launched with fixed, tilt and micro-adjust fixing kits we were quickly presented with requirements to be able to perform maintenance on screens without having to remove the monitors at either side. Our team of designers came up with the new style “Pop-Out” Interfaces. By applying a small amount of pressure to the corners of the screen the gas assisted interface gently extends the display approx. 310mm from the surrounding screens. This allows for plenty of room to access important areas behind. Screens can also be locked into place for when the Infinity is being used in a public facing environment to remove the risk of accidental extension.


    Secure Floor Stand

    Infinity Video Wall Bolt Down Base

    Another major addition to the Infinity Range is the option to bolt the stand to the floor using the Secure Floor Stand base. This sleek & contemporary looking stand reduces the footprint of the video wall to just 240mm x 240mm. Using this base instead of the free standing solution almost completely removes any potential trip hazard.




    The Infinity Video Wall Installs

    Since it’s launch the Infinity has found itself in hundreds of different locations including schools, hospitals, banks, shopping malls and airports. Below you can see a couple of images of the product installed.

    Dongtan Lake Park Experience Center, Suwon City, Korea

    Dongtan Lake Park Experience Center

    Gatwick Airport, United Kingdom

    Gatwick Airport Infinity Video Wall

    Training Institute of Chungju Industrial Bank, Korea

    Training Institute of Chungju Industrial Bank

    What is the Infinity?

    The Infinity range is the ultimate modular solution for modern AV requirements. One thing setting it apart from similar products on the market is that it can easily be transformed into a wall, ceiling, or floor stand in a matter of minutes. The modular design allows for the system to easily be adapted to support almost any size of screen in nearly any configuration imaginable.

    To discuss your requirements for an Infinity Video Wall please contact our technical team today. If you're not looking for a bespoke product we have also created several "Off the Shelf" solutions that can be found at the links below:

    Motion (Trolley)

    Secure (Floor Stand)

    Rail (Wall Mount)

    Sky (Ceiling)

  • Seismic Ratings For Our Medical Arms (OSHPD)

    Did you know?... All of our medical grade mounting solutions from ICWUSA are also rated for use in seismic zones by the state of California. The rating is provided by EASE (Equipment Anchorage & Seismic Engineering) who perform seismic calculations and details that ensure products meet up to date building code regulations in regards to earthquake activity.

    But what is a Seismic Qualification?

    Some types of product must remain operational following an earthquake. Manufacturers of the equipment must submit a declaration (Special Seismic Certification) that the equipment will remain operational after a design level earthquake. A dynamic test (shaketest) must be performed followed by a report (in accordance with OSHPD standard) stating the unit has passed and is seismically qualified. These reports must be prepared by a California licensed structural, civil or mechanical engineer.

    Who is OSHPD?

    OSHPD stands for the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. They monitor the construction, renovation, and seismic safety of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and provide loan insurance to assist the capital needs of California's not-for-profit healthcare facilities.

    How does this affect me?

    Although the rating itself is local to the state of California the OSHPD does provide a good indication of the ability of ICW’s products to withstand adverse conditions. The certificates themselves also provide a wealth of information in regards to load bearings and centre of gravity of our mounts and wall tracks.

    Want to find out more about our OSHPD rated productions?

    View them here:

    Ultra Arm

    Ultra Arm Calculation

    MD Arm

    T2 Arm

    Elite Arm

    Or contact our sales team today for more information.

  • World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2017

    Today celebrates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. On the 28th of April every year the International Labour Organization (a United Nations Agency) raise awareness for workplace issues by promoting  a safety and health culture worldwide in the hopes of reducing the number of work related injuries and deaths.

    Since the turn of the century computer based work roles have continued to rise and now it is not uncommon for employees to be sitting (or standing) at a computer screen for a majority of their day. That is why it is more important than ever that those workers have the ability to adjust workstations to meet their individual ergonomic requirements.

    The ILO have created an extensive checklist to help employers make sure they are meeting all necessary health and safety requirements. Checkpoint 60 explains the relevance of the adjustable computer workstations as well as correct posture. Some useful hints on optimising your workstations include:

    “Train users on correct sitting posture at the workstation. Educate users on the use of various controls on the adjustable setting.”

    “If a standing CPU is used, position it on the side of the table. Other items that are not required should be stored away (e.g. archive manuals, documents) to increase legroom.”

    “Schedule rest periods to enable stretching and visual exercises such as looking back and forth on far and close objects.”

    At ErgoMounts we offer a wide range of adjustable monitor and keyboard arms for use in medical, manufacturing, office and home environments. Most of these solutions can be adjusted to meet the ergonomic requirements of 95% of adults. Contact us today to discuss how our products could not only improve worker health but also increase productivity.

    We hope you have a good World Day for Safety and Health at Work and if you would like to learn more visit the International Labour Organization Website for more information.

  • Product Update: Ultra Series Laptop Tray

    One of our leading ranges of ICWUSA medical grade mounting solutions will be having a major re-design from May 2017. The Ultra Series of Medical Laptop Mounts will be moving the support from underneath the tray to a newly designed Quick Connect fitting at the rear. This benefits the users in several ways:

    The front of the tray can now be tilted downwards for easier access to the laptop or notebook keypad.

    A handle has been added to the front of the tray to allow for easier adjustment.

    The Quick Connect can be locked into position for added stability.

    The following products have been affected:

    Ultra Series Laptop Desk Mount

    Ultra Series Laptop Wall Mount

    Ultra Series Laptop Pole Mount

    Ultra Series Laptop Wall Track Mount

    As with all re-designs this can cause some issues for customers that regularly order products from within this range. If you have any questions or concerns about how this change might impact future orders please contact your sales representative or call us on 01252 333326.

    All of our ICWUSA Mounting Arms are manufactured to order by our partners in Medford Oregon and then hand assembled by our team of highly skilled technicians at our headquarters in the UK. These medical grade solutions are produced from Billet Aluminium before being powder coated for a durable finish that can be cleaned with hospital grade solutions (10,000 parts bleach per 1,000,000).

  • Easter Office Closure & Update 2017

    We would like to take this opportunity to remind our customers, suppliers and partners of all the upcoming office closures through the months of April and May.

    Easter Weekend (14/04/2017 | 16/04/2017)

    May Day Bank Holiday (1/05/2017)

    Spring Bank Holiday (29/05/2017)

    During these periods both our offices and manufacturing will be closed completely. No emails or calls will be answered until we return. Please also note that some replies will take a little longer than usual during these times while we catch up.

    Shipping update: One of our most popular and cost effective mounting arms: The Paramotion. It is now finally back in stock after some big runs over the first quarter. Both the Dual and Single arm versions of this mount are ready for next day delivery on all orders placed before 14:00PM.

  • New Website Launch

    This morning all of the team at ErgoMounts are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new website.  After over 8 months of development and the feedback from 1000’s of our customers we are so happy to finally be able to share some of the exciting updates and changes with you.

    The new site has been built from the ground up to not only modernise the appearance of us as a brand but also streamline the process for our customers looking for the right product. We have struggled for years with customers having to try and fumble their way through 100’s of options and configurations in the hopes of finding the right ErgoMounts product for them. Our new system uses a picture based configurator to narrow down product options and show users their creations in real time.

    Head of Marketing, Shane Dunn has said:

    “For almost 15 years we have been one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of AV mounting solutions but that has never really reflected in our previous marketing effort. In this day and age where a website is a customer’s first point of call for any prospective business it was so important to us that this was the first on the list of the many exciting changes we are going to seeing come to ErgoMounts in the coming years.”

    Another significant change has been our newly created “Resource Centre”. Here customers can find a wide range of useful information such as News, Instruction Booklets, Brochures and an expanded Case Studies Area.

    We hope you like the changes and if you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you. Why not let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

  • March 29th Email Problems

    On the 29th of March 2017 at approximately 16:00 (GMT) we encountered a problem that meant we were unable to receive a majority of emails that were being sent to us. We were in the process of moving our current mail server from a shared cloud based setup to a much higher performance dedicated server based in Slough. As you can imagine a lot of internal systems had to be re-configured and reset to make this move as smooth as possible. During this time a couple of wires got crossed and caused a misconfiguration between the old and new systems.

    With the help of the Vidahost support team, as of 14:23 (GMT) on Thursday the 30th of March this problem has been fixed and we are back up and running.

    However, there is a strong chance that if you tried to email us during this time your message would not have been received but you also would not have received a bounce back notification. Please try and resend any emails from the last 24 hours to guarantee a response.

    We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  • ErgoMounts Launch The Last AV Mount You'll Ever Need

    ErgoMounts are excited to launch their new Infinity range, the ultimate modular solution to modern AV requirements. One thing setting it apart from similar products on the market is that it can easily be transformed into a wall, ceiling, or floor stand in a matter of minutes.

    After teasing the product at a number of shows in 2015 the Infinity range is now available to order directly from ErgoMounts. The system consists of a few lightweight but strong aluminium components that can be configured in a range of different styles and will natively support most monitors.

    Shane Dunn (Head of Marketing) has said, “Introducing the Infinity to our catalogue of products was a no-brainer. We already provide an extensive range of top end medical mounting solutions and we wanted a product that could meet the AV demands of modern corporate environments.”

    Infinity specialists are on hand to assist customers in building a product that does exactly what they are looking for without the need to alter the original parts in anyway.

    Shane continues, “One of the best ways to imagine the system is like a set of building blocks, there are a few different components that slot together to create the product you need. All the pieces are compatible and you no longer need to bodge two very different parts together to achieve the required solution.”

    For those not looking for a custom solution ErgoMounts has created a few off the shelf solutions which fall into 4 main categories: Motion (mobile trolleys), Secure (floor stands), Rail (wall mounts) and Sky (ceiling mounts).

    To see the Infinity range of products for yourself visit, or contact our Infinity experts on 01252 333 326.

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