Keyboard & Mouse

Despite the rise in touch screen applications a keyboard and mouse are still one of the most crucial components of almost any computer workstation or desk setup. We supply a range of high end computer keyboards and mice that have been designed with medical and industrial environments in mind. We only source our keyboards from the leading healthcare suppliers such as Purekeys, Bytec, Ceratech & SterileFLAT. We've worked with these leading manufacturers for several years and are able to supply their products at incredibly competitive prices (especially when combined with one of our medical mounting arms). Our keyboards and mice can be shipped with a number of different connection options including wireless, wired and Bluetooth.

Medical Computer Keyboards

All of our keyboard & mice setups are suitable for use in medical environments. Each can easily be wiped cleaned with hospital grade disinfectants between uses to help prevent the spread of infection. Most of these products are encased in a silicone protective cover making the wash-proof. Some even offer a flat cover design that can provide tactile feedback just like a standard computer keyboard.

Industrial Computer Keyboards

Being medical grade also makes these pieces of hardware great for industrial applications. The fact that they can be wiped and cleaned on a regular bases makes them ideal for use in workshops, factory units and garages where the keyboard & mouse is being exposed to large amounts of dirt and dust.

International Keyboard Layouts

Keyboards come in a range of different styles and key layouts. As standard all of our products are supplied in the UK layout but the Purekeys Medical Keyboard can be supplied as standard inĀ US, Scandinavian, German, French, Italian and Swiss configurations from stock. Custom layouts are available, contact our sales team for more information.