Poles & Mounting Interfaces

ErgoMounts supply a wide range of poles and pole mounting accessories that have been designed to be both cost effective and installer friendly. Our range of accessories include Collars, Clamps, Mounts, Extenders & Joiners.


We produce a wide range of high quality heavy duty poles that have been designed for professional AV use and installation. We supply 50mm diameter poles as standard but can also supply a range of different sizes for a wide range of applications. When combined with a set of collars or a pole mounted monitor arm these products can be used to create stunning computer workstations or display mounting solutions.

Pole Mounting Components

The ErgoMounts range of poles have been designed to work with a number of different interfaces and components. This allows you to build bespoke mounting solutions to meet your exact specification. We offer a range of pole, truss, floor, ceiling and girder clamps giving you the flexibility to mount an ErgoMounts pole from wherever it's required.

To see an example of our range of poles in action take a look at our ceiling or floor mount products. If you're having trouble configuring the ideal product to meet your needs contact our sales team and we will guide you through building your mount one piece at a time. They can also check the compatibility of your monitor and other components to ensure the mount you order is perfect for the job the first time.