Computer Workstations

ErgoMounts manufacture a range of mobile, fixed and free standing computer workstations that enable I.T. equipment to be positioned exactly where it's needed. All systems can accommodate a minimum of a monitor, keyboard, mouse and CPU holder. Most other peripherals can also be housed on optional utility shelves. Our computer workstations are used for a wide range of applications as diverse as medical wards to factory assembly lines and hotel receptions. Most can be configured to meet your exact requirements. If we mounting up from the floor isn't an option we can also supply a range of ceiling mounted workstations.

Mobile Computer Workstations

Our range of mobile solutions, (like the EM9000) allow the entire workstation to be moved from one location to another with ease. Once in position a set of lockable castors secure the workstation in position preventing any unwanted wobble or movement when in use. These solutions are ideal in wards or schools where the setup will need to be used regularly but in different locations.

Fixed Computer Workstations

These products bolt the workstation directly to the floor. This allows these stands to have an incredibly small footprint, ideal for areas where floor space is limited. Securing to the floor prevent the screen from developing any stability issues, even after years of continued use. They are ideal for use in hospitals, factories, commercial and other industrial environments due to their robust nature and medical grade design. If bolting to the floor is not possible we also have a range of free standing mounts.

Free Standing Computer Workstations

Our free standing workstations are built on to large heavy duty bases to prevent the stand from moving or becoming a tipping hazard when in use or stowed. They are the perfect product for when a secure solution is required but bolting to the floor isn't possible. One other key benefit is that they can easily be re-located at a later date.