Multiple Monitor Desk Mounts

Multiple Monitor Desk Mounts are designed to secure more than one screen to the desk  or tabletop. We have mounting solution that can support dual, triple and quad setups. Our latest multiple monitor desk mounts, The UltraView 466 can even mount up to 6 screens on a single low profile desk stand.

Dual Monitor Desk Mount Arms

Dual monitor mounts are some of ErgoMounts' most popular products. Whether you're looking to improve your setup for gaming, streaming, coding or other computer based work our dual monitor arms will help free up valuable desk space that would otherwise have been taken up by bulking monitor stands. Contact our sales team to find out how a dual monitor mount could help improve your desk and increase productivity.

Multiple Monitor Desk Mount Fittings

We offer flexible fitting options for our range of multiple monitor desk mounts: free standing, desk clamp & bolt through. Some of our mounts come with multiple interchangeable desk fittings. If you're unsure which base will be best for your desk / monitor arm get in touch with our sales team and we will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your requirements.

Desk Clamp: The desk clamp fitting attaches the arm on to the edge of the desk. This means that the desk itself doesn't have to be altered in anyway (holes drilled etc.). One key dis-advantage to this method is that the arm has to be positioned on the edge of the desk. This can prove to be problematic for larger or shared desk setups. It also less secure than a bolt through desk fitting as the clamp may begin to loosen after continued use.
Bolt Through: A bolt through desk fitting requires a small hole to be drilled through the surface of the desk. The mount is then lowered onto the hole and secured in place from underneath. This is the most stable way to mount a desk based monitor arm and would always be our recommended installation method (especially for multiple monitor setups).
Free Standing: Our range of free standing desk mounts can be positioned anywhere on the desk without needing to drill into the desk. As a general rule the larger the screen or number of screens the bigger the free standing base will need to be in order to keep the mount stable.

Custom Multiple Monitor Desk Mount Configurations

Our multiple monitor desk mounts can be configured to hold up to 8 screens on a single mount. These style of products are ideal for control room or financial environments where a large amount of information needs to be monitored at once but is too large to view on a single screen. If you're looking to create a large video wall style solution take a look at our ErgoMounts Infinity Range of modular video walls, designed for commercial installations.