Tablet Desk Mounts

It's not hard to find 100's of cheap iPad and Tablet desk mounts online. Although these mounts can be fit for purpose they often don't last for very long, aren't secure and can look a little tacky. That's why we have decided to develop a range of high quality desk mounts designed for corporate, commercial or industrial environments. Our mounts may not be the cheapest on the market but their quality and craftsmanship is second to none. Each cradle is manufactured to order out of aircraft grade aluminium and hand assembled in the UK. Our talented team of designers and engineers can assist in creating your new tablet desk mount to meet your exact brief. Ideal for retail, POS, exhibitions and reception areas. Take a look at our range below or contact us for more information.

Universal Tablet Desk Mounts

Unsure which make and model of tablet you are going to use for your project? Would you like the future proof the mount so you can replace the device at a later date? Our Universal Tablet Desk Mount's can adjust their cradle sizes to fit any tablet or iPad provided it fits within the below dimensions:
Width = 240mm to 290mm Height = 165mm to 203mm Thickness = Up to 14.2mm

For larger devices like the iPad Pro or Wacom range of drawing tablets we can supply a Universal VESA Tablet Adapter which will enable you to mount your arm to any of our existing range of ergonomic monitor arms & stands.

Custom & Bespoke Tablet Desk Mounts

We can design, manufacture and distribute a custom and bespoke product to meet your exact dimensions and project requirements. This can include shape, size and stand style. If the mount is going to be used in locations where it is a risk of theft or tampering we can also develop your custom solution with a number of different security features including having the camera or headphone jack covered. The audio and power buttons can be controlled and adjusted using a small stylus. Because we work so closely with our team of designers and engineers we can work with you and your clients to build a truly unique solution. We have worked with a number of high profile clients for exhibitions, retail and back-office desk mounted tablet requirements including Ford Motors, JD Sports and Heathrow Airport.