Monitor Arms & Stands

For the last 15 years ErgoMounts have been one of Europe's leading suppliers of Monitor Arms & Stands. Built using the highest quality components our mounts will let you position your screen with ease while also making desk working more comfortable and increase your available work space. See some of our most popular products below.

Monitor Arm Health Benefits

A majority of adults will now spend most of their working lives using a screen of some description. With that in mind we have developed an extensive range of high quality monitor arms to meet the ergonomic criteria of 95% of adults. Although all of our mounts vary in reach, tilt and swivel they can all be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the user.

As with all ergonomic solutions their main goal is to improve the health of your workforce. The emphasis on this has never been greater. Not only are employees more aware of office ergonomics, employers are more ergonomically conscious than ever. The fact that statistically employees in the UK are working longer than ever before just highlights the importance of good workspace posture. It’s very important staff are safe, happy and comfortable at work, after all happy staff are productive staff.

Monitor arms gives the user freedom, freedom to ensure there monitor can be placed and positioned exactly where they require it. Essentially they can customise their workspace to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. Gas arms (like the VisionPro 500) can give you 360 rotation with pivots, twists, turns and tilts to ensure you are working at the perfect angles for your own unique requirements.

In recent years a lot has been written and shared regarding correct seating, posture and technique when it comes to working within an office environment. However, what many people fail to realise is that a lot of this can be hindered when done without a monitor arm. Millions has been spent on research into more ergo friendly keyboards, posture improving seating, and even foot stools for increased circulation. But these ergonomic tools need to be used alongside a adjustable arm. What’s the point in ensuring your wrists are safe with an expensive keyboard, while sitting on the latest ergo chair, if you neck is burning because you’re having to strain down to look at a monitor? These solutions work together harmoniously to ensure the perfect workspace for a healthy working experience.

VESA Compliant Monitor Arms

All of our mounting solutions conform to VESA (Video Electronic Standards Association) standards. VESA defines the distance between the mounting holes in the back of the screen in mm. If the distance of the the holes on the back of your model are 100mm equally your monitor is rated VESA 100mm x 100mm. Unless stated otherwise all ErgoMounts monitor arms are VESA 75mm x 75mm and VESA 100mm x 100mm compliant. For larger screens we can also supply conversion plates providing the monitor is within the physical dimensions and weight limits of the arm itself.

Monitor Arms Increase Productivity

How can monitor arms increase my productivity? Simple, Flexibility. Simply mounting your screens on an arm ensures you free up all the previously unused space underneath theses monitors where the screen stand used to be. Office spaces in the 21st century are often full of clutter, paper, pens, planners, diaries, phones, keys, lamps, books, print outs, the list goes on. Having your monitor mounted above this madness will ensure for productive and comfortable viewing. By doing these simple actions you can almost double your work space surface area which perfectly ties into our next benefit.

Multitasking. Yes you may not have considered this before but having an articulated arm can drastically increase your employees ability to multi task. With a monitor arm a single employee can do all their work from the same desk.

Many offices require users to share desks, this practice is extremely common in places such as call centres where “hot desking” is common place. For those of you unfamiliar with the term hot desking, it refers to employees sitting wherever is free when their shift starts. Having a monitor arm on a hot desk ensures than each user can position their screen to suit their own personally needs with relative ease in minimal time. This benefits the employee by ensuring they are comfortable for the duration of their shift, while the employee ensures that minimal time is wasted by their staff “getting comfy” or adjusting their workspace.

Why Choose ErgoMounts Monitor Arms?

Our products are not the cheapest on the market, but where other manufactures are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and drive down unit prices we have invested in some of the highest quality components and manufacturing processes to ensure our products don't just look fantastic, but they are also guaranteed for years reliable operation. We regularly have customers contacting us who have been using ErgoMounts stands for well over a decade without any issues. Our reputation for constantly supplying high quality mounting solutions that has lead to ErgoMounts being the supplier of choice for the likes of McDonalds UK, Rolls Royce, Airbus, Universal Pictures and many more.

Order Your New Monitor Arm Today

If you're looking to mount more than one screen to your monitor arm we also stock a wide range of multiple monitor stands to support dual, triple, quad or more setups.

We check that your TV or Monitor is going to be compatible with our product before we begin manufacturing. That means that our customers always receive a monitor arm that is going to be fit for purpose and the right solution for the job. We can also advise on other products that may be suitable or for larger scale projects offer and installation and maintenance program (PPM).

We are setup to accept orders via Debit / Credit Card, BACS or on account. If you are unable to purchase directly from us due to existing frame work agreements we already work with some of the world's leading IT & AV Resellers including Computacenter, SCC and Storm Technologies (to name just a few). Find a full list of ErgoMounts Partnered Resellers on our Where to Buy page.