Multiple Monitor Mounts

This category covers multiple monitor mounts and stands that can support up to 8 heavy duty screens on the desk or out from the wall. ErgoMounts multiple monitor stands are widely used in financial institutions, control room and insurance environments all across the globe. Recently How To Geek posted some great advise of how you could use Multiple Monitors To Be More Productive.

Using a multiple screen setup has plenty of advantages. But sometimes can be considered more hassle than it's worth because it means having several bulky monitor stands taking up most of the space on your desk. That's where ErgoMounts' range of products can help. Using an ergonomic monitor arm we can  raise the screens above the work surface. The low profile clamp design often means that you end up with more space on the desk than you did when you were using a single monitor. We even have one of the only mounts on the market today that can hold up to 6 screens on single pole. These solutions are suitable for a wide range of screen sizes, weights and layouts.

Our extensive range has been designed to cater to a different number of screens in different layout configurations including dual monitor arms, triple monitor arms and quad monitor arms. For larger multiple monitor setups our team of experts can help you develop a mount to meet your exact requirements in your desired configuration. We can even check that your make and model of screens will be compatible with the mount before you place the order. For more information or to discuss your multiple monitor requirements contact our team.

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